How fit do I need to be?
We offer a range of tours designed for different fitness levels, so you will be able to find a tour that suits you. And because all our tours are self-guided you can set your own pace; there are no time limits, and you can stop when or where you like.

How far do I cycle each day?
Daily distances range from 16 miles (25km) to 78 miles (125 km), and there is some hilly terrain, so some cycle training in advance of your holiday is recommended. Have a look at our Leisure Cycle Tours and Sport Cycle Tours pages to find which route suits you best.

Can I add extra rest days on the tours?
Yes, if you want to spend more time in a particular area we can arrange for you to spend two consecutive nights at any of the overnight stops. Please call to discuss a personalised itinerary.

How hard are the different tours?
To help choose a cycle tour suitable to your ability level, we have graded the difficulty of our tours from 1 to 5, with 1 being the easiest. It should be noted that in general Cornwall is hilly, and all tours have quite a bit of undulating terrain with some steep hills.
Before booking a cycling holiday you should consider your fitness level and how far you are able to cycle in a day. It should also be taken into account that should you lose your way you may end up cycling further than the daily total.

What do I need to bring?
We recommend you bring sunglasses; cycling gloves; waterproof clothing; two pairs of shoes; and casual clothes/accessories that you would normally bring on holiday. Please also bring your own water/drinks bottle as we are unable to supply these for hygiene reasons.

Can I hire a bicycle?
Yes, cycle hire can be arranged at the rate of £15 per day cycling, and road bikes for £20 per day. Electric bikes can also be hired at the cost of £40 a day. You will need to arrive by 8.00pm on your first day to ensure your cycle is adjusted correctly for you.

Can I bring my own bicycle?
Yes. We recommend that hybrid touring bicycles are used on all Leisure Cycle Tours and The 4 Day Cornish Tour. Road bicycles are not suitable for these tours as some routes go on unsealed tracks. For Sport Tours we recommend the use of road bikes.

What kind of bikes do you hire?
We have a fleet of Giant 21 gear hybrid touring bicycles for ladies and gents. We also have a number of Giant Quick E electric bikes. All cycles have a pannier, pump, anti-puncture tyres, lock, map holder and helmet.

How do I get there?
By car: drive to Wadebridge/St Just/Porthleven.
By air: flights to Newquay Airport from a range of destinations (transfers from Newquay airport are not included in the Penwith or West Cornwall Tour)
By rail: we can arrange transfers from Bodmin Parkway Station for tours starting in Wadebridge, and from Penzance Station for the tours starting in St Just or Porthleven.

How many people will there be on each tour?
A minimum group size of two people is required on self-guided tours. There is no maximum number, but for large groups (10 or more) we may have to arrange alternatives to our preferred accommodation. We can arrange tours for single cyclists but a supplement of £40 per person per night will apply – please contact us for more information.


What weather are we likely to encounter?
Cornwall can be hot in the summer months; it can also be wet at any time of the year. Breathable fabrics are recommended, as are a comfortable set of lightweight waterproofs.

Are there any age limits?
As a general rule our tours are not suitable for children under the age of 16, although on occasions we can make exceptions. There is no upper age limit but a reasonable level of fitness is required.

Do I need travel insurance?
We recommend you have individual third party liability insurance. It is your responsibility to ensure you are adequately insured.

How can I pay for the tour?
Payments can be made by card via our online booking system, by cheque, or by bank transfer. If paying by cheque or bank transfer, please complete the PDF booking form and return to us by post or email.

What happens if I miss the St Mawes ferry?
On some of the tours you will need to catch the ferry from St Mawes to Falmouth. Typically, the last ferry each day leaves St Mawes at around 5.15pm (although this changes through the year) – if you miss the ferry then the only option is an expensive taxi ride which will cost around £60. It is possible to book accommodation in St Mawes instead of Falmouth for this night (surcharge of £25) if you would prefer to not have the pressure of having to make the last ferry – however this must be booked in advance.


Can I take my own bicycle to St Mary’s on The Scillonian?
We can arrange for you to take your own bicycle across to the islands for an extra charge of £26 if required. However we would recommend that you hire bicycles once there, as it can be a rough crossing and your bikes could get damaged in transit.

How many days cycle hire are included on St Mary’s?
Two days cycle hire are recommended for days 8 and 9 of your holiday.

Can I take my hire bike from St Mary’s to other islands on the Isles of Scilly?
Unfortunately bikes hired on St Mary’s must stay on St Mary’s. This is because the ferries between the islands cannot carry bicycles on them.

What happens if The Sillionian is not running due to bad weather or mechanical failure?
If the ferry is not running, we will arrange for you to stay either at Penzance or St Mary’s until the following day or until it is running. If this is the case, we would accept the loss in cancellation of your pre-booked accommodation but would not give you a refund.