Electric Bike Hire – Our FAQs

How much does electric bike hire cost?
Electric bike hire costs £40 per day.

Which Electric bikes do you use?
We have a fleet of state-of-the-art men’s Giant Quick E+ and women’s Liv Amiti E bicycles, equipped with Shimano Deore Gears and hydraulic disc brakes.

Are they available for men and women?
Yes, the electric bicycles are suitable for anyone.

My partner wants to hire a manual bike, can I still hire an electric one?
Yes, people can hire the type of bike they would like to use.

Do I have to pedal?
Yes, the electric assistance starts when you pedal, leaving little work for you to do.

Does the electric cycle have different levels of assistance?
The electric bikes have three different levels of assistance: eco, normal and sport, with eco having the least and sport having the most. You also have the option to turn the electric assist off and use it as a conventional cycle.

How does it work?
The Giant Quick E+ bike provides smooth and instantaneous power, which, combined with the rider’s own pedalling energy, allows up-hill climbs with greater ease and more efficiency.

The battery is light and can easily be removed for charging, discreetly slotting back into the body of the bike once fully charged. The ergonomically designed control buttons on the handlebars of the bike also make for easy adjustment of the support required.


How do you charge it?
You will be provided with a battery charger when hiring your bike. The bikes can be charged at a mains point at your accommodation each evening.

How long does the battery take to charge?
The battery takes four hours to charge.

How far can I cycle with a charged battery?
The distance varies from 15 miles (25km) to 80 miles (130km) depending on the conditions, such as wind resistance and hill climbs. The battery also runs out quicker depending on what mode you have it in, ie. eco, normal or sport.


Are the bikes noisy?
No, the electric battery on the bike does not make any noise.

Am I able to use an electric cycle on all of the tours?
Electric bikes are only available on all leisure tours.

Can I use an electric cycle in the rain?
Yes, the bikes can be used in all weather conditions.