Sport Cycle Tours

Challenge yourself with a Sports Tour

Our Sport Cycle Tours are created for experienced cyclists looking to test themselves in a beautiful setting.

We’ve chosen routes that make the most of Cornwall’s hilly coastal terrain, with the three variants of our 192 mile (309km) Road Tour all taking in the 28% incline at Hustyn Hill – one of the toughest in Cornwall, if not the whole country.

Cycle hire can be arranged, with hybrid touring bicycles for £15 per day for The Cornish Tours, and £20 per day for the Road Tours. A normal bicycle is suitable for The Cornish Tours, however a road bike is required for the Road Tours. You will need to arrive by 8pm on your first day to ensure your cycle is adjusted correctly for you.


To help choose a tour suitable to your ability level, we have graded the difficulty of our tours:

3: Hard – These are tours for people who cycle on a regular basis. Quite a lot of miles each day make this a challenge for the occasional cyclist, but very enjoyable.

4: Hardest – For the serious cyclist only. With long distances and big hills these tours require a high level of fitness.

5: Extreme – Covering on average 60 miles a day with plenty of hills, as tough as Cornwall gets.

Cyclists and windturbines

Road Tour - 8 Days

This tour is perfect for building stamina and fitness, covering an average of under 27 miles (44km) a day, there is plenty of opportunity to pause along the route.

Cyclist Sports Tour

Road Tour - 6 days

This tour covers 192 miles (309 km) in six days, with a mixture of undulating hills and flatter terrain.


Cornish Tour - 6 Days

Following coastal lanes and cycle trails for 177 miles (285km), The Cornish Tour shows the county at its best.

Sport Tour

Road Tour - 4 days

Covering 192 miles (309 km), this four day Road Tour is one of the most challenging holidays we offer.

Two silhouettes of Cyclists

Cornish Tour - 4 days

Aimed at the serious cyclist, covering 177 miles (285km) in four days.