Bike hire

Want to hire one of our bikes?

If you’re interested in one of our cycle tours, but would prefer to leave your bike at home, then we offer a range of bikes which are available for hire.

Cycle hire can be arranged at the rate of £15 per day cycling, and road bikes for £20 per day. Electric bikes can also be hired at the cost of £40 a day. Upon arrival on your first day, we’ll make sure that the bike is adjusted to suit you free of charge.

Puncture proof tyres are fitted as standard on all of our hired cycles, and we’ll carry out emergency repairs for free if necessary.

If you need to bring bike case then we can store it in our offices for the duration of your holiday.

Explore our range of hire bikes below:

Escape 2 City Bike

This versatile bike is suitable for both short journeys and longer rides. The Escape City’s lightweight ALUXX aluminium frame, stable geometry and wide range of gears make it easier to tackle hilly terrain.

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Quick E+ Electric Bike

The Quick E+ Electric Bike allows you to cycle longer distances than you can with a traditional bicycle. The lightweight aluminium frame and powerful SyncDrive Sport motor helps you tackle Cornwall’s hills.

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Alight 2 City Bike

The Alight 2 City’s lightweight design and upright flat-bar positioning makes it easy to zip around towns, and get out onto country roads.

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Amiti E+ City Bike

The Amiti E+ City Bike features an integrated motor and battery design, as well as wider tires which add extra comfort and stability on any surface.

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