11 items you need on a cycling holiday

Heading off on a cycling holiday? Make sure you have all the gear, kit, and equipment you need with our cycling holiday checklist.

Being prepared and comfortable will make your holiday all the more enjoyable. Whilst we take care of your accommodation and luggage transfers here at Cornish Cycle Tours, we’d still recommend these essentials for your daily rides.

Flying to Cornwall? Make sure to read our advice on how to pack your bike for air travel, and get it sorted before you leave.

Bike helmet

Everyone is well aware of the safety benefits of a bike helmet, and whilst we don’t insist that you wear a helmet whilst riding, we do strongly advise you to. We can provide a helmet free of charge for use on all our tours.

Cycling gloves

Your hands could become sore and raw after several days of holding on to a bike’s handlebars, so we’d definitely recommend taking at least one pair of cycling gloves with you.

Clip shoes and pedals

If you prefer using clip shoes and pedals, make sure to bring them along for your holiday. If you’re hiring a bike for one of our tours, we’ll happily fit the pedals to your bike when you arrive.

Waterproof clothing

When the sun is out in Cornwall, the county looks beautiful, however it’s also known to rain pretty frequently. It’s always useful to pack some waterproof clothes just in case the heavens open.

Drinks bottle

Even if the weather isn’t perfect, staying hydrated is essential on a cycling holiday.

Pump and puncture repair kit

It may never happen, but it’s always advisable to pack a tyre pump and repair kit, just in case. Here at Cornish Cycle Tours, we provide these kits free with our hired bikes.


It seems an obvious suggestion, but if the sun’s shining, a pair of sunglasses are pretty helpful when you want to see where you’re going.

Reflective clothing

On murky or dark days, reflective clothing, more than anything, will keep you safer on Cornwall’s roads and lanes.


If you’re coming to Cornwall, packing a camera to capture all of the county’s stunning scenery is essential.

Sun protection

With long days during the summer and with many of our cycle routes running close to the sea – which reflects sunlight from the water – it’s definitely advisable to pack some sun protection.


A pannier is useful for storing essential items such as your phone and wallet whilst you ride. These bags tend to be detachable so you can take it with you when you stop.


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